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Workshop | USDRCG

Workshop - January 19, 2017

Here is everything you need to get you through the workshop.

Our three-hour workshop is designed to show you how to effectively use USD’s supercomputers. Topics include:

  • Connecting to the supercomputer and logging in
  • Interacting with the supercomputer - command line basics
  • Moving data to and from the supercomputer

During the workshop we will be using an online collaborative tool called Etherpad, found at the bottom of this page.

We will also be using two example files:

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Windows Users

Please download and install MobaXterm

Please download and install (this is optional) CyberDuck


Access Bash from the Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities).

Please download and install CyberDuck


Locate your bash terminal, usually accomplished via searching.

Please download and install FileZilla

Workshop Etherpad

A collaborative tool where we will post links and type commands throughout the workshop.

To get started, click on the pink button on the right and type in your name. Feel free to type in your questions!